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The Advisor – November 2017

Your Newest Employee Benefit—Student Loan Debt Repayment Assistance Student loan reimbursement programs are a fast growing employee benefit. Approximately 70 percent of 2016 college graduates have student loans with an average balance of $37,000.¹ The Society for Human Resource Management reports that while only about 3 percent of employers offer this benefit, interest among employers […]

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The Advisor – October 2017

Do You Send Participant Notices via Email? Should you? The number of notices and disclosures required to retirement plan participants has increased while methods to access information changed drastically. Many people receive their news and information on electronic devices through apps and social media. What remains the same is the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) guidance […]

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The Advisor – September 2017

Women in Retirement: 60 Percent Not Saving Enough In November 2016, the Texas Conference for Women surveyed attendees about their retirement savings and found that almost a whopping 60 percent weren’t socking away enough. In fact, many weren’t even sure if they were going in the right direction. One person responded, “I don’t know if […]

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