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401(k) Today – November 2020

Election Year Investment Volatility Election years, with their uncertainty and increased emotions, cause anxiety for investors. Certainly, there may be short-term market volatility around elections, but history suggests that over the long-term the economy and markets move higher regardless of election outcomes. In fact, presidents often receive too much credit for strong economies and markets, […]

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401(k) Today – October

To Roth or not to Roth Many Defined Contribution retirement plan participants are uncertain as to benefits of allocating their contributions to traditional vs Roth options. This is for good reason. There are two key major determiners as to the benefit of contribution to Roth: Will they be in a higher or lower tax bracket […]

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401(k) Today – September

Good News 401(k) T. Rowe Price did a deep dive into its recordkeeping data and surfaced with a few important points. Its “Reference Point Report is an annual client data benchmarking report so plan sponsors can review trends and benchmark their progress and participant behavior across the firm’s client base… ‘We continue to see the […]

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