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401(k) Today – February 2021

Continuity, Coronavirus, ERISA, Stimulus Package The coronavirus relief includes a “temporary rule preventing partial plan terminations” for plan sponsors of defined contribution retirement plans. The provision specifically states, “A plan shall not be treated as having a partial termination (within the meaning of 4119(d)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) during any plan year […]

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401(k) Today – January 2021

Former Employees with Plan Assets are Still Plan Participants    Plan Sponsors should understand that terminated employees who left their account balance in your plan, are still considered participants under ERISA. As such, they have the same rights as current employees. They cannot contribute to their account under the plan but otherwise they have the same […]

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401(k) Today – December 2020

Annual Retirement Plan Notices It is that time when plan sponsors need to send annual notices to participants. The 401(k) safe harbor, qualified default investment alternative (“QDIA”), and automatic enrollment notices must all be sent to plan participants between 30-90 days before the beginning of the plan year (i.e., no later than December 2nd for […]

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