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10 Steps to Help You Handle a DOL Investigation

Hot breath, fear, sweaty palms – You’ve received a request from the Department of Labor (“DOL”) to provide documents about your retirement plan. You are being investigated. Your first thought may be, how did this happen? Why does the DOL care about my company’s retirement plan? Whether it was a complaint from a plan participant, […]

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Thinking About Changing 401(k) Providers? Five Things You Should Know

Offering a competitive benefits package, including a top-notch 401(k) plan, is essential for your company to recruit and retain top talent. Today’s workers highly value employer-sponsored retirement plans: 88% of them say that an employee-funded retirement plan is important to them.1 In addition, eight out of ten new hire candidates consider retirement savings programs offered […]

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What are Corrective Distributions and How to Avoid Them Going Forward

Tests – the word alone is enough to make the most studious of us sweat.  When placed in the context of 401(k) plans, i.e. determining whether your plan passes non-discrimination tests, anxiety levels can go through the roof!  This article will take a brief look at ways to correct a failed “ADP” test, the non-discrimination […]

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