Author: Phil Parker

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Wealth Manager & Employee Engagement Consultant

Four Things to Consider with Cryptocurrency

In 1630s Holland, the tulip rapidly became the luxury item of choice. As prices rose steadily, traders began to speculate, driving up prices. By February 1637, not only were merchants and nobility trading tulips, but commoners saw an opportunity to get rich quick. Due to the influx of demand, prices rose, and no one was […]

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Rebalancing: Helping You Stay the Course

You did it, a perfect balance. A wonderfully crafted portfolio that maximizes long-term return potential while considering the degree of risk you are willing to take. But after market fluctuation and different returns for each investment, your portfolio is out of balance. Now what? Rebalancing is a way to return your portfolio to its original […]

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To Roth or Not to Roth Inside Your 401(k)?

That is a common question. Whether you are enrolling for the first time ever in a 401(k), reassessing your retirement plan mid-career or you are trying to maximize savings while you approach retirement, it’s always a good practice to intentionally look at your savings vehicles. Not all 401(k) plans offer a Roth option, so check […]

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