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Tracking Down Your Missing Participants

If you have terminated participants with balances in your 401(k) plan, some of whom you can’t locate, you’re not alone; missing participants are an industry-wide problem. What is a missing participant? A missing participant is a former employee who has left funds in a qualified retirement plan (ex. 401(k) plan) at their former employer but […]

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To Roth or Not to Roth Inside Your 401(k)?

That is a common question. Whether you are enrolling for the first time ever in a 401(k), reassessing your retirement plan mid-career or you are trying to maximize savings while you approach retirement, it’s always a good practice to intentionally look at your savings vehicles. Not all 401(k) plans offer a Roth option, so check […]

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Staying the Course through Volatile Markets

Turbulent times can bring turbulent markets. Many factors cause chaotic swings in the investing world including housing bubbles, political elections, international instability, and as we have seen recently, a global health pandemic. Despite the financial queasiness this can have, experts consistently have one piece of advice for investors: stay calm and stay the course. Maintaining […]

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