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The Election and The Stock Market

As a financial advisor I find myself “talking shop” with greater frequency during an election year. Thinking about how each candidate and their policies will affect the economy and the stock market is commonplace when one is considering how to allocate investments. I hear the following questions quite frequently, so it seemed timely to put […]

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Budgeting for Retirement

There are all kinds of “rule of thumb” numbers floating around for how much income you’ll need in retirement, but they are just that — guidelines, not hard and fast rules that will necessarily apply to your particular situation. Budgeting for your retirement is a bit of a guessing game however clarifying your goals and […]

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401(k) Today – October

To Roth or not to Roth Many Defined Contribution retirement plan participants are uncertain as to benefits of allocating their contributions to traditional vs Roth options. This is for good reason. There are two key major determiners as to the benefit of contribution to Roth: Will they be in a higher or lower tax bracket […]

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