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Communication Corner: Buying a Home

  Part IV: Buying a Home Purchasing a home is a big decision. There are many factors to consider. Most importantly, what is your budget? Is now the time to rent instead? How do you know? If you do become a homeowner, what about your mortgage? Should you go full-force and pay it off as […]

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The Advisor – November 2017

  Your Newest Employee Benefit—Student Loan Debt Repayment Assistance Student loan reimbursement programs are a fast growing employee benefit. Approximately 70 percent of 2016 college graduates have student loans with an average balance of $37,000.¹ The Society for Human Resource Management reports that while only about 3 percent of employers offer this benefit, interest among […]

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Communication Corner: Saving for College

We are excited to present a seven-part series on financial wellness that will cover several financial struggles Americans are facing and ways to overcome them. Part III: Saving for College You have big dreams for your children. Maybe they will grow to be an astronaut or a doctor—their potential has no limit. Have you considered […]

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